Introducing a playground for debugging CairoVM execution, CASM, Sierra and Cairo programs.Try it now 

Finally a Debugger Starknet Deserves

Delve deeper into Cairo transaction execution, swiftly identifying bugs and pinpointing areas for improvement.

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From darkness…

As a Starknet developer, you've known the abyss. Transactions fail, and you're left without a clue, navigating through chaos and frustration.

…to clarity

Transactions demystified. Detailed stack traces, line numbers, gas profiling, and more. Turn debugging from a dreaded task into an insightful process.

Build faster

Empowering Starknet Development

Our debugger is purpose-built for Cairo challenges, offering precise insights to streamline and inform your coding journey.

Live Transaction Tracing
Input your transaction hash and receive in-depth tracing insights, shedding light on the transaction execution.
Transaction monitoring
Monitor your user's transactions, understand their behavior, get insights and resolve failures quickly.
Gas Profiler
Optimize your contracts for cost. Our Gas Profiler tool aids developers in both analyzing and enhancing contracts for the most cost-effective outcomes.
State Changes Visualization
Our platform comprehensively annotates each transaction with blockchain state updates and token transfers, streamlining the debugging journey.
Advanced Debugger
Furnish yourself with a Debugger designed for Starknet. From pinpointing issues to resolving them, we've got your back.
Transaction Simulator
The freedom to experiment without any risk. Our Transaction Simulator provides an avenue to engage with and test smart contracts within a secure setting, instilling confidence before a Mainnet execution.

A debugger would be a major levelup for Cairo development.

Martín Triay
Product Developer of OpenZeppelin

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Help Starknetians crack bugs in Cairo contracts.

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